17 augusti, 2023





These current times are great, lots of progress made, I witness breakthroughs and increased willingness to co-create, personal and collective consciousness is expanding.

We are entering the late summer EARTH energy.

The first harvest of the year. Truthfulness is the virtue. Negative aspects: Dishonesty. Balance yourself, your ego. Keep healthy boundaries. Feel and give thanks to the soil, walk barefoot if you can.

This summer I went to Fårö, to give space for a Rewild Body and Nature workshop.

My trip was cancelled, and I had to postpone it, resulting in final cancellation due to the stormy weathers. I learnt it is about surrendering to circumstances. Making new decisions, connecting to your body wisdom and recalibrating the inner compass.

So, I made a Poetic Documentary instead, you can follow me on my journey, reflecting on resilience, connecting to my friends and the magical Nature in Fårö.



I hope you enjoy it!


Rewild online courses give you an inspirational toolbox of Movement practices and Nature Connection practices. Self paced, short bundles of teachings, easy to follow and mix.

This is for you that want to increase your Body Awareness and connect to the Spirit world.

I offer private coaching together with a course, or just plain coaching.

If you want to resolve co-dependency, aligning with your purpose, finding true expression, being sovereign so that you can have access to all of your energy, I can support you.



Anna Christie