My story



How did I end up teaching Body Awareness and Nature Connection?

Since childhood I was interested in righteous living, so I ended up making some deep soul searching. Looked into different philosophies and religions, they all tried to answer the same questions.

Human Existence – Why?

and I was bewildered by the body as a vehicle.


Mastering my Energy

Born in Mexico with by Swedish mother and a father originated in Belgium, I felt rootless and I went  travelling the world. Latino America, California, India and Europe.

An outsider everywhere. So it felt. Not only because of my diverse cultural background, but also because I was walking the path of a shaman.

I did not know then that my high-level energy periods and my depressive mood was a vulnerability indication for bipolar disorder. Not until years later, in my 50s I learned by reflecting, that I surely had developed this syndrome. A psychiatrist confirmed this.

I have know learned to master my energy . I read the signs in my body and mind, I alchemize my emotions, give myself compassion and I engage in daily practice, connecting to Body and connection to Nature.

My journey to this embodiment has included release from co-dependancy and toxicity, where self compassion came to rescue.




Wild child

My essence is curious and a lover of freedom. But much in my childhood restricted me from exploring. I became the caretaker, was abused both emotionally and physically. Since I am a highly sensitive person and an empath, it impacted my emotional body, drained my lifeforce. I had to learn discernment, and I used movement therapy.


Get into your Body

The body has wisdom.

I have been helped a lot by practising yoga, qigong and dance.

And since I am playful by nature, as all of us are, I want to invite people to create their own personal practice.



I learned that connecting to Body and connecting to Nature are the same path.