29 maj, 2020

My background

Movement is Health

I have had many teachers, known and unknown, that were part of my formation and development of my creativity and Body Awareness. So I will drop the naming game, mostly because my life has been partly chaotic and I have lost the diplomas and forgotten some of the most important names. To make justice to what I was taught, I have done my best to integrate them, my teachers and the teachings, into my teachings. And I honor each and everyone. Forever grateful.

As a young girl I took dancing classes, gymnastics, martial arts as in wushu, aikido, taekwondo. I can see how this interest in movement and energy continued, when I later did in depth studies of Yoga and the Taoistic philosophy and medicine, and Buddhist meditation practices.

20 year old, I studied Arts and Crafts like drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, that led me to want to explore my creativity to include photography, communications, writing and video production.

1991 I enrolled in a program of Fine Arts in San Francisco where Performance, Filmmaking and Women’s studies was complemented with courses in Kinesthetic Anatomy and an intensive training at Tamalpa Institute of Expressive Movement. I was practicing Yoga and got in to Body Awareness and Holistic Health studies.

1993 I spent time in Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in India where I took a Yoga Teacher Training and studied the Art of Living.

1994 I spent time in Bahia, Brazil living in alternative communities, learning more about Eco-Living. I attended more workshops to learn more about the body, among this I fell in love with Oriental and African Dance.

1995-97 I studied Physiotherapy at Lund University in Sweden

1998 I became a mother for the first time, 30 year old, and a grounding process took place that opened my understanding for my call to serve.

1999 I created FRISKVINDEN, to inspire through Body Awareness and Movement Therapy

Years of raising a child as a single mom that included different jobs in health care services and teaching kids in primary school. Beside this I was creative in my own business where mostly I offered Yoga classes and workshops.

When my second child was born 2007, I started to incorporate the benefits of Nature in my work. I designed workshops with the intention to build courage for transformation. It seemed that this was my mission, to make people take responsibility and take action in their lives

2020 FRISKVINDEN gave birth to REWILD, a seed that I will let grow, starting with the basics that I have learned from my life long experience and exploration. I welcome you to embark on this adventure.