10 juni, 2020

Self Compassion

Happiness is the new grey


I am following a conference of the science of meditation and learning more on mindfulness and the benefits we as humans can draw from the practice of witnessing our emotions, our thougts, and the processes ( very complex) involved.

And I am confused! I have always been concerned with a deeper kind of liberation, a pathway that would be right without causing any harm. But the mantra of today seem to be ” happiness”.

Has our experience of the pandemic somehow made a halt on these attitudes or not? Some people awaken to deeper levels of our existence, while the mayority seem fast asleep…

I am putting responable the relatively “new”, competitive mindset that has spread through out our western culture recently, it so contraproductive to what is beneficial to us, as individuals and as a collective.

The mindset of comparing your success ( whether it is about being able to make a headstand or running a business) to others, as a sign of measurement. “Am I doing good or bad…?”

What we instead are in great need of is increased levels of compassion and self-compassion, an attitude of Love and enjoyment of others wellbeing.