Master your Energy


Dear Creative Entrepreneur, Artist, Musician and Space-holder!

  • You want to access your Body Wisdom
  • Get abundance of creativity and Embody it.
  • Now is the time for taking care of yourself. 


When you commit to a course with coaching, I will guide you step by step.

You will feel grounded and connected to your inner creativity and inner peace. Move through the resistance and unlock all of your lifeforce, so that life flows beautifully.


If you read this far…

I am happy to be of service! You have done great amount of personal growth, yet there is some part of you/your life that seems stuck. You know that everything is a process of self-understanding, yet you are still looking for the keys to that toolbox you know is within you. (The Body Wisdom.)

I can help you find the keys!

With Movement Therapy, Nature Connection and One:One Coaching I will guide you to Align your Energy and Be Connected to your Body.


Reach out or Stay tuned!




The Magic of Life starts with Love for your Body and Connection to Nature.

Anna Christie