Nature Connection

Learn to commune with the Elements in Nature

This course is a deepening of the Movement and Energy practices in Movement Ritual.


Open up your senses.

Merge with the Elements.

Breathing and Restorative Practices.

Bring Nature into your Movement Practice.

Self- paced online course. Start anytime!




Open up your Senses

  • Open the Doors of Perception
  • Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste



  • About Breathing
  • Breath workshop


Merging with the Elements

  • Drop Boundaries
  • Earth/Soil
  • Fire
  • Metal/Mineral
  • Water
  • Wind/Wood


Find your spot

  • Intuition


Content: 10 short inspirational teaching videos that sums up to approximately 60 minutes + PDFs and written intructions.

Ideally this course should be done in a three week period and then be integrated into your life and practice. Self- paced online course. Start anytime!