Movement Ritual

Learn to use your energy. Build your own personal practice.

Move and regulate your energy with embodied movement practices.

Open up your channels and learn to move from your core.

Balance, flexibility and strenght, from a wholistic perspective with physiotherapy, qigong and yoga. Explore movement qualities and have fun with Rewild Body Practice.


Self- paced online course. Start anytime!



  • Alignment – Body Awareness-  Posture


  • Rewild Body Practices

Ground, Pelvic Area Core Play, Torso Growing Strong and Tall

Rewild Body – Techniques and Qualities

Body Wisdom, Spinal Flows


  • Embodied Yoga:
    The Spine
    Lying Down
    Hip and Chest openers
    Belly Down
    Warrior and Triangle
    Sun Salutation


  • Five Elements Qigong
    Theory of Qi
    Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood/Wind


Content: 21 short videos that sums up to 180 minutes teachings + PDFs and written instructions.

Ideally this course should be done in a three week period and then be integrated into your life and practice. Self- paced online course. Start anytime!