From Lost to Found: Embody your Magic


Here is where you receive a step by step coaching from low energy, low self-esteem, depression to unlocking the flow and lifeforce in your body and in your life.

Whether you are looking to direct your energy in a more creative way or you need to change an old pattern that holds you back from full expression, I offer different healing modalities to help you in the process.

Together we will define what shift is to be done in your body-mind alignment, we talk about what needs to change, what gets to be released and what to do instead.


Yes, I am interested! How does this work?

  • We set up a time for the first session, either on zoom or other videocall. I will tap into your story and vision. We will schedule every next session in the videocall.
  • You will get some homework, and start to create a personal practice, for the body to start alchemizing and transform your current stuck energy.
  • We will use the Body Wisdom as a tool for transformation. Meeting your resistance and coping mechanism with powerful practices.
  • I will guide you on your self-discovery journey to self-leadership.

My commitment is to keep you connected and grounded so that you get clarity and resolution.


Ok, I am doing this! Give me the technicalities please…

I recomend a minimum of three sessions for a solid catalyst of your process!

COACHING X 3 (within two months) : 300 Euro/ 3000 Skr

ONE SESSION 120 Euro/ 1200 Skr

(Payments via Paypal, Stripe (Creditcard) or Swish (Swedish payment method), before the first session.)

Book your first session by connecting to me via mail or other social media channels!


With Love and Devotion,

Anna Christie