4 april, 2020

We are One

One Planet, One Body


These last years we have become more globally conscious.

First we where shocked by the leaks that revealed information that was hidden, we took a look at the behind the scenes of governments, and business. Hierarchy and manipulation was under examination.

Then we joined forces as a collective of Women and Men, to clean up some old patriarchal values with #Me Too movement. Moments later we came together in Climate Strike lead by our Children.

Humanity is becoming aware of how interconnected we are. With each other, with Nature. We already have the science-based knowledge of this ”truth” and now we have the opportunity to experience it. And Practice.

There is a feeling of dis-ease going viral. This pandemic is real, it has come as a result of our ignorance. Let us take some time to detox ourselves from ego -centric perspectives. Do some self -examination. What is resonating inside?

Right now, we are experiencing how powerful a global movement is.

It unites us…. but it divides us as well. It points out exactly where the problem and conflict is. Divided opinions show us the core of the matter.


What about democracy, human rights, health and ecosystem ?

Can science and spirituality go hand in hand?

Are we really all equal in this matrix or not?


Can we organize in better ways, and how should that be done?

….and what does it mean to LEAD FROM THE HEART?

Are we caring for our bodies, our selves, our souls?


Do you feed the Fear, worry and insecurity by trying to control, blame and hide? Please do not, denial has already pushed our existence into a place of danger.

I encourage you to choose to Love, trust and be the light that shines clarity upon this confusion, by taking responsibility for your words and actions.

The truth is inside of you. Connect to your true essence first. Then extend your connection to others, to the world around you.

Be in integrity. Be in Love.