18 juni, 2023

Summer Solstice 2023




Last time you I posted was six months ago.

I encouraged you all to plant some spiritual seeds on what you would like to grow during 2023. I talked about the Mind- Heart balance, encouraged you to align with your vision and make choices centred in Body Wisdom.

How has it evolved for you?

During the summer solstice we get to receive the fruits of our efforts.

You may feel tense, life is quite dense for everybody right now, but I assure you, that if you take a step back, retreat and relax your body- you will perceive the changes and transformation that has taken place.

If you need support in implementing practices that keep you balanced, I will be happy to guide you in a step by step in a personalized program.


Right now, I am offering great advantages on COURSE and COACHING CONTAINERS.

This is for you that desire to go deep and get lifechanging results.

I promise Postural and Energetic Alignment, Emotional Freedom and greater Vitality!


  •  The collective consciousness is rising, we are awakening from living in the shadow. It is time to shine your Light!
  • We cannot underestimate the power of self-care practice, checking in with yourself, ground and connect. It can be overwhelming to navigate the current energies of our world.
  • Let’s do our very best to enjoy life and create ripples of clarity and Love around us.
  • I encourage you to make space in your schedule for self-care practices so that you may organise your energy.



Recalibrate your Inner Compass

Move in the direction of your true North

Receive joy and inspiration from the South

Let the morning breeze of the East nourish your discipline with ease

Rest in the wings of the west where vision has its nest.



Love and Light,

Anna Christie