2 februari, 2021


The return of the Light

Celebrating the return of the Light.

Being in my body, feeling alive, with all emotions accepted.

Sorrow and despair is a big part of my Journey, I know what it feels like to loose your direction, to loose sight of the Light.

I know how to endure the dark night of the soul and I have found ways to reconnect to the JOY OF LIFE and keep creating as I walk this path of unfolding truth.

I learned to track the stories in my body, to listen to the wisdom inside.

To honor the cicles of Life and live with the seasons, mapping out my own inner wildness.

I know that I can take your hand and show you tools to navigate in this world.

Here, there is both Light and Dark. Let us learn how to harness the fruits of creation in harmony and co creation with Nature.

In Love, in Gratitude,