16 december, 2021


The three courses online

Movement Ritual is designed for you to build or improve your own personal Body Movement Practice. Embodiment is the art of becoming, and my teachings have this spiritual perspective. We track sensations, in the spine, pelvis and neck as well as in the inner organs and the electromagnetic field around us. Classical Yoga Postures and The Five Elements of Qigong is combined with the playful Rewild Body Practice. You will learn how to master your energy, keep healthy and understand qi- lifeforce.

Body Awareness contains the signature Postural Alignment class, you will learn how to shift from inner to outer awareness, with yoga, qigong and physiotherapy.

Nature Connection is designed so that you can experience our interconnectedness with Nature. There is a spiritual activation available by merging with the elements. The classes are on the dashboard for you to keep and integrate along all seasons of the year.

If you are looking for an online course to do in your own time, to walk you through the Body Movements or Nature Connection skills, and the deeper layers of embodied practice, this is for you!