13 mars, 2022

Connect to the Elements



I often talk about planting seeds and taking care of the growth by carefully weeding out, that what consumes energy from the potential fruit. This time of the year is especially potent, if making your actions conscious.

What do you want more of in your life?

Sit with it a few moments a day, and it will be clear what has to go and what efforts you have to make. I do not believe that everything comes to you by thinking alone. Your feelings and actions are the agents of magic. Be curious of your feelings, accept them, let them be messengers that lead you in the right direction. You got to be compassionate with your self, the risk is otherwise that you would spiral down in negativity. Let your actions give power to your future. Believe in your self!

Rewild full year cycle teaching in March proposes that you honor the Equinox by spending at least 10 hours outdoors in Nature, connecting to the elements; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Mineral. Try to see if you can give and receive in equal shares.

We often think that Nature will heal us just by us showing up, but we forget that we are the ally of Nature too, and that the exchange is mutual. Another obstacle could be that we are too busy in our heads trying to “save” Nature, so that we are closed too receiving information and healing. Go out and experiment!

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With Joy and Love
Anna Christie | Rewild