1 september, 2022

Moving with Energy

We vibrate

As this year has brought us a glimpse of fresh air with less restraints on connecting, I have been tuning into what my work is about.

The body is wisdom. But this is not everything.

The body is electromagnetic energy. Emotion is energy, mental activity is energy. All systems of the body carry an energy, with different frequencies. We vibrate.

This summer was short but sweet.

I did not participate in any big event but kept my energy to myself and my home. Having second thought on whether or not to continue the work through Rewild, but the more I rested, my engagement felt obvious. I breathe this work.

Short report from Rewild Retreat:

This year our gathering was small and intimate. Along the shore of the island, we made discoveries about our true nature. What does stardust and the soil of our earth have in common? Movements combining qigong, yoga and dance brings awareness to our bodies. In this presence we could enjoy hikes, swims and sharings around the fire. Grateful.

We are deeply connected to the Earth, as well as the stars. Coming into balance with this truth, experiencing the flow of life with acceptance and awe, that is mastering your energy.

Rewild Online courses are available for you to do in your own time. The purpose of these teachings is to provide you with tools to start practising Moving with Energy and Moving in Nature.


With Love and Light,

Anna Christie