9 december, 2022


Know yourself


Navigating in this world, without emotional intelligence, will take you on never ending loops of self-sabotage.

One must know oneself, to be able to co-create in harmonious ways.

  • Are you strong enough to meet your emotions, read them, take guidance and integrate this wisdom into peaceful action?


My experience tells me that when you get sensitive to yourself, you open up to feel others energy and emotional state. Then it starts to get complicated.

Am I processing other people’s trauma, or is this about me?

That is why I made discernment one of my prioritized skills. How many times did I not get lost in the loops of this labyrinth, yet I know deep inside that this fine line is the clue.


  • My tools for energetic alignment and emotional wellbeing, are yoga, qigong and other movement therapies that work on the energetic and emotional body systems.

These practises ground you as well as connect you, to the spirit and soul.


Here is where you change, upgrade, expand.

This process is rewarding if you dare to face your shadow side,

that eventually will show itself.

Your emotional intelligence increases and you become an integrated being.