10 oktober, 2019

Service is Joy

That light loving girl is here now

” I slept and I dreamed that life is joy.

I woke and I saw that life is all service.

I served and I saw that –Service is Joy– ” / Kahlil Gibran



Peeling off layers of conditioning, faulty programming and self-informed collapse. I have left the old story, where there was too much suffering attached to my willingness to serve. All that I had to put between me and the world in order to survive emotionally. I dared to examine. Stripped naked to my bones, I saw and felt my shame echo down the timeline of my life.


All that hiding for so many years. No more, I said to myself. I do not have to repeat and reinforce what was unjustly put upon me.

All of the emotional abuse I suffered has taught me what integrity and alignment really means. That feeling of freedom is priceless. The process of reconnecting to my true inner guidance implied the work of releasing patterns and stuck energies completely from my BODY OF WISDOM.

That process gave space to recreate and restore my ORIGINAL ESSENCE.

This might seem easy, but it is not. We are so attached to our old ways, they seem so safe and comfortable despite the suffering.

I have had an inner calling to shed all those tears and fears, stand up strong and lead the way out of this dark night of the soul.

I did the work. I am ready and prepared.