Spiral Up



We continously grow as human beings, expand our consciousness and improve our skills of connecting to source, our inner truth.

This process ”moves” in cycles, or spirals.

– Have you ever felt that you meet the same challenge over and over again?

It is like the universe is giving you opportunities to deal with an obstacle in multiple ways, until you master it.


I created a model to move through the different stages, where you follow the natural cycle of how we consciously integrate experiences. It is the foundation from where we work together in my ONE TO ONE CONTAINERS.

This is a brief explanation of the SPIRAL UP STRATEGY:






Relax into yourself. Listening to the wisdom of the Body. Prescencing into Now.

Tracking felt senses and discovering where emotional energy is stuck.

Setting boundaries and intentions.

INQUIRY: Commitments/Journaling







Shifting Awareness.

Recognizing patterns, where to pause and reflect and reframe.

Fill your own cup with self-care.

We learn to feel the flow of emotions and relate to circumstances with acceptance and courage.

HOMEWORK: Discernments/Expressive Art








Postural, emotional and mental alignment.

Create rituals and routines that support your new ground and expanded awareness.

Embracing the polaritiy within body, the equal need for relaxation and action.




After integrating one learning experience, we will most probably come to a new level of understanding

that leads us to yet another layer that needs uncovering.

Presencing and grounding into that experience starts a new cycle,

giving you the opportunity to


The aim is to become aware of your progress, create space for your self, increase emotional freedom, find supportive practices/rituals/routines/tools and move through the stages with self compassion.



(This process is used in coaching sessions x 3 ”TRUE”.)



Invest in your health and wellbeing.