23 december, 2020



Just before the Ice covers the Lake.

In the time of WINTER, when the waters get frozen, we tend to go inward.

The relationships between people can get a bit cold. It is natural, do not resist the chills, embrace yourself fully instead of reaching out too much.

We are interdependant beings, but we need to honor the integrity of others as of ourselves.

Know that everything moves in cycles.

It is okay when relationships go cold for some time, reset is on its way.

This is the way Nature retreats, hibernates, finding a stillpoint, before the floods of life and connections awakens again.


I always go into the water with an intention.

This time, it is with an intention to Love.
Love all of my self. Love all my relations. Even the difficult ones. Especially them.
Letting be, letting in the ICE, the cold, the standstill.


Opening up to receive the blessings of conscious living, walking the path of a warrior.