14 juni, 2021



Thankful fills

These two weeks forms the peak of sunlight hours reaching us in the Northern Hemisphere. Here, in Sweden where I  currently call my home, the sun rises at about 3.30 AM and sets at 22.30 PM.

The energy is high, the vigor of the plants are palpable. I can feel the lifeforce all around me, it is beautiful and wondrous. This season makes me appreciate life extra much. This is why I thought of sharing a poem with you that I wrote five years ago.



Thankful fills my heart. Thankful for the grace in my life. Thankful for having a life.

Thankful for my strenght. Thankful for the love of my children. Thankful for being able to provide for them.

Thankful for the love from my lover. Thankful for being able to give and receive.

Thankful for the light. Thankful for the darkness. Thankful for the surprises. Thankful for the challenges.

Thankful for learning. Thankful for being able to teach.

Thankful for my body. Thankful for my breath. Thankful, deep in my heart.



Even when things are hard, when pain is inevitable and there are problems to be solved, it is always good to go to the energy of gratitude. It makes you see the meaning of hardship. It gives you a safe heaven to lean to.

I wish you all a great SUMMER SOLSTICE, may you celebrate your existance in your own unique way.