30 april, 2021

Soul in the Body

Balance activity and rest.

Everything is in constant change, just as the seasons in Nature shift,

so does our inner landscape.

Many of us have noticed a bigger shift, a change on a larger scale. Collective consciousness is expanding, we are raising our vibration together with the planet.

I can feel this in my energy and in my bones, something great is really going on, yet it is like the great mystery of life remains hidden, unrevealed from what I can understand.

I am grateful for the small insights that I receive. I feel a great need to honor them. To stay open and non judgemental, that is, not to go into my mind too much trying to make sense of it all.

The wild body wisdom has the capacity to both receive and express truths that guides us on our paths.

I have had some mayor revelations lastly, and therefor I am revaluating my work with Rewild.

I do not know where this project will take direction, how I will show up with my service and inspiration, just letting you know that this is in process.

My message to you now, is to dare to let your mind drop into your body.

Do take action and create your routines so that your talents and visions come forth and include your wellbeing. It must all go hand in hand like a dance, a wave of energy flowing in your system.

Allow space for the joy and inner peace to unfold.

Get rid of the habit to judge the resistance, the pain, the suffering, welcome all of it, but do not let it flush out your light, your laughs and the bigger perspective. Hold on to your worth and the love you have for this planet, your life, your body, your self and others.


with Love and Devotion,
Anna Christie