2 november, 2020

Slowing down

I am not important. But I matter.

The other day I gained insight into a new perspective. ”I am not important, but I matter.” You matter too.

There is nothing worse, in my opinion, to beleive you make no difference, that everything is meaningless. Find the courage to push through resistance, clear your space, be determined to stay in love with life, with compassion for your self, your story and your purpose. It is not necesarily by ”taking action”, the way we are used to. Gain clarity of your path, your passions and develop a true natural voice that vibrates and makes a difference.

Reconnect to your heart and the energy flowing through your body. Befriend those shadows and develop skills to master the complexity of life, learn to make discernments that resonates with all of your being.

How do you feel? What resources are there for you? What tools do you use to navigate these evolving times?

My suggestion is to turn your attention inward in equal proportion to your outward focus. This winter season is inviting you to turn your attention inward. To meet resistance by slowing down, leaning into restful motion.