16 december, 2021

Retreat & Rewild

Winter Solstice

The year has come to an end! Already. Time flies fast.

What did you see, feel, activate, heal, create? It is hard to keep track, no?

If we take time to retreat once in a while, it will all be easier to follow.

The stream of events that we call Life.

First of all, take time to retreat and reflect this turning point.

Let the darkest period of the year bring you more light to your life right now.

Then I will give a heads up for a Retreat that I will be doing in Summer 2022.

I still do not know when and not where, either, but I know a lot about the content.

You will be hearing from me about that.

I am keeping the group small for many reasons, but it will be great in many ways.

This is for you that want to:

  • Honor the wisdom of your Body.
  • Make practice playful.
  • Relax into your self, your Body & Nature