2 januari, 2021

The Elements

The dance between Light and Dark

…Life and Death….


We come out of a womb filled with water, our first breath is filled with air, our bones are coded with information.

And then we have our journey. We are conditioned by society, we are conditioned by the lack of understanding from our caregivers, we are conditioned by our experiences.

There is this dance of light and dark forces within.

It is a gift for all of us, where we can explore and express our true Nature.

This Tao of duality, that also is studied in Yoga, is inside of us as we are having this human experience on this planet.


It also beautifully reflected in our interconnectedness with the elements in Nature.



We need to befriend this reality and learn how to navigate all aspects of life.

I believe that we grow as humans when we expand our consciousness, so that we can resolve the shadow aspects of our psyche. And learn to co create in a sustainable way with our environment.

My way of exploring life has been through my body and connecting to the wisdom inside. Dance, yoga, qigong and deep self reflection.