18 december, 2020

Looking back



One year ago…

In December 2019 I began to work on my platform, Rewild Body & Nature. My intention was to reach out with online resources, courses and coaching in Body Awareness and Nature Connection, providing playful practices.

Little did I know that the whole online market would boom, due to the pandemic. The internet was flooded with online courses and people like me, putting their content for sale. To be honest, this left me in a strange situation, I responded with stress and self doubt, why would people choose Rewild? What is unique about what I offer?

Sometimes I have been hesitating, my peace of mind is important to me, and I asked myself, is it really worth it? All this work and money I put into creating content, designing a beautiful classroom, working on showing up authentic in social media.

I can easily withdraw into my personal rituals and routines, co creating with nature and caring for my friends and family, this would be more than enough to have a whole life. But somehow, I am encouraged to show up in a bigger way, share my skills and knowledge, there is a sense of how can I serve? I do not want to let my own fears come in between.

There is a common thread in what I offer, and I seem to attract people that have respect and Love for Nature, whether it’s wild Nature or gardening, to enjoy when hiking or from the stillness of a hammock. They also deep inside, have respect and Love for themselves and others, intuitively committed to a path of health and vitality, taking care of their bodies and energy fields. And last but not least- a sense of awe for creation, with a spirit of playfulness rooted in sincere wisdom seeking.

I love you and I am here to serve, co-create in joy and compassion.