21 mars, 2021

List of practices


Let your awareness expand so that it includes your natural surroundings.

Open the doors of perception.

Going into nature with senses wide open is a powerful way to expand your awareness

and deepen your experience of the natural world.

Here are a few simple tips to connect to Nature:


  • Open your senses, listen, feel, touch, smell, taste and let eyes be relaxed.
  • Find your spot, from where you can follow the seasons.
  • Exercise, run, swim, climb, hike!
  • Yoga, qigong, and other movement practice outdoors.
  • Mindful walking.
  • Foraging, picking wild herbs, berries, and mushrooms.
  • Gardening, caring for soil, creating fertile beds for flowers and vegetables.
  • Sleep outdoors for a night with the stars in the sky.
  • Be creative, make drawings, collect items for inspiration.
  • Stone balancing.
  • Journal.