12 juli, 2020

Human goodness

Feeling the Heart

Contemplating the political chaos as of today I cannot help wondering what is wrong with our society. How come it is not based on human goodness?

Why all this fear of not being loved and safe, why all this hate arising in the bodies of human souls? “The wars” are a result of consciously chosen greed combined with the ignorance of uneducated people. Education is more than learning history from a true perspective, it is about being able to feel and understand the human heart. It is about collaboration between individuals as well as between groups of people.

It is about being codependent with nature.

Since I focus on the body -as I stay grounded and awake that way- I realize that there is a simple but powerful way of turning everything around.

I once attended a workshop with a shaman and sufimaster, his words at the end of the course stayed with me: “Never leave your heart”. So many times, have I reminded myself since then.

It is so easy to shut down and leave the heart, when in pain, when in fear.

Occasionally I may close my heart even today, but when I return to the heart, and feel the pain and fear at first, I discover the beauty and freedom of Love.

I can easily let go of ego attachments that do not serve me. I can see more clearly and lovingly, at myself and others. I wish that everybody would get such opportunity to realize this gift that we have inside of our bodies: feeling the heart.