7 augusti, 2020

Embodiment Practices


What is Embodiment?

Our BODY is our HOME. It is our vehicle, our temple, however you want to see it.

To own your sensations, understand the signals from the diffrent layers of our existence and to care for our bodily functions so that they may serve us as we navigate in this world, that is Embodiment.

Learn how to presence into yourself with breath and movements.



Brief explainations of the techniques.



The art of mastering the flow of energy, lifeforce. Movements with breath and open eyes keeps you aligned and awake in the moment.



Stretching the restless mind and regulating all energy centra in the body. Honoring the wisdom of the body while excersising discipline for personal development and a healthy outlook.



The heart of all practice is to learn how to retreat. Implement your inherent wisdom and let your body recover from connecting outward, practising and exploring. Just be.



Centering, aligning and coming into ourselves by working mainly with the feet, hips and the whole spine. We work with gravity, activating and anchoring your energy.



Finding out where your strenghts and weaknesses are. Meet obstacles and pain with movement medicine and the science of somatics.


Animal Flow

Returning to a natural flow of movement. Exploring mobility range with dynamic flex and functional workouts..



Movement is our primary language, we can through the body wisdom connect to the inner self and unfold our authenticity, creativity, and originality.


Nature Connection

Practices to open up, give and receive.