6 september, 2020

The Art of Unfolding

Four Pillars

The Art of unfolding, becoming our true essence in this body.


– Do you want to live your life in alignment and integrity?

– Learn how to make discernments and dance the yin and yang of co-creation?




Life in co-creation with Nature. To honor and learn from the Wild. Learn Nature Connection Skills, that gives a whole new dimension to your life experience. Natures Way is the Path of the Shaman.


Train your Body Awareness, understand how all is interconnected. Care for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Master the Lifeforce within your systems. Express yourself and learn how to shift mindset. The toolbox of Embodiment Practices is unlimited.


Restorative practises that connects you to your inner wisdom. Learn how to to regulate the stress systems in our body and restore the fine balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.


With Self Awareness and Communication Skills we find ways to cocreate with others. Curiosity and healthy boundaries are key when leading from the heart.