14 maj, 2021

Changes to services and project

May the lifeforce be with you


May is here with all its beauty.

It is fresh and green and full of life and inspiration, and it is awakening the lifeforce in our bodies.

  • What do you want to give birth to?
  • What did you leave behind?
  • Who are you and who are you not?
  • Let love and self respect be guiding your choices.
  • The consequences should give you more freedom and deeper relaxation.


I have taken lots of time to reconnect to my self. 

  • Spending time in Nature, contemplating the elements, the changes, the patterns, the movements, the seasons…
  • Receiving treatments, Body Therapy of all kinds, feldenkreis, craniosacral, acupuncture and massage…
  • Connecting to my Body Wisdom with Embodied Coaching, diving deeper into the layers of my being….


I am humbled by life´s experiences. I am dealing with my psychiatric diagnosis. I am taking responsability for my wellbeing and contribution to this world.

Being open and sharing my thoughts and feelings, and letting you have a view into my personal life, I hope to give you the permission to do the same.

I have made some changes to my services and project, look into the linkatree and scroll around on my website.