11 februari, 2021

Calibrating your Inner Compass

How to navigate

In this landscape of white, dark and all the shades and shadows in between, you grow.

You have a choice.

Look at your life as an adventure and ask your self, how can I navigate in this landscape? Envision your self in the Light and let the flow of energy move in the right direction.

Whenever you find your self in a situation where automatic responses or reactive behavior patterns are about to play out, PAUSE.

Start by examining your own thoughts.

– How are you talking to your self? Is it with a voice of Love and self compassion?

Let go of limiting beliefs about your self.


– What if life is giving you a chance to resolve a deep-rooted pattern, that is holding you hostage. Maybe there is no conflict, no threat. Listen to the benevolent forces conspiring to help you grow and expand.

If someone else is putting you into a small box of limits, you will learn to recognize the pattern, and claim your sovereignty. Clear your space from an old matrix, where your victim role is no longer of service.

This is what true self love means, it is a responsable act, not one of self-pity or temporary distraction.


Forgive yourself and others for the drama that has been played out. Reframe every sentence of your story.

Let the heart speak, let your soul sing.