4 oktober, 2020

Building Motivation

What is my purpose?


It is a powerful to make a declaration of what you are creating from this point, so that life can conspire in your favor, offering you opportunities to embody this new version of yourself.


What is my purpose?


Your purpose is what keeps you going and excited about what you are doing.

  • It is something that brings up an emotional response from you.
  • It is the core of your work.


Your intention is the force that will move your purpose forward.

  • How are you willing to show up?
  • What actions can you commit to, in your life on a regular basis that are in full alignment with your purpose and true essence?


Your commitments are actions and mindsets that will keep you focused in the direction you are headed. These are practical steps that will move you towards embodying and mastering your purpose and energy.


Make a list!      What are your commitments?






Shift your internal mindset around discipline. Allow it to be devotion and from your heart, do the actions everyday which show your devoted love. Devote yourself to your own growth and healing and to your practice.