7 september, 2020



The bridge between stillness and motion.

How to find that balance between creative flow and delightful organisation? Between chaos and order, pushing forward and retreat. New information is flooding our senses, how do you navigate between all options that you need to respond to, desicions have  to be made, or they will be made for you.

When feelings are overwhelming it is good to sit with them and breathe. Focus on being present and attentive of the nature of your emotions. Emotions change. It is a little bit like riding a wave on the big ocean of life.

Sometimes it is nice to move your body with the emotions that you sense inside of the body. It will move, it will change. Keep on breathing and be thankful for the messages they comunicate.

Let the movements unfold a journey, receive the wisdom of your body, listen to  your soul speaking, let the breath guide you between stillness and movement.

Dance your vision, dance your perception, dance your process.

Listen within and be proactive with what is infront of you.