3 oktober, 2021

Be friendly

It is vision time!

When so many opposing ideas and beliefs flying around in the mental sphere it is not easy to stay balanced.

I do my best to ground and to take measures for keeping the space clear in case of any conflict arising. Keeping once center is always good advice.

It is vision time!

As we move inwards in our perceptions, we can reflect on how we have been doing. When autumn arrives, we both look back with gratitude for the harvest and blessings of summer, and we integrate what we learned.

Inspired by the crisp air or strong winds go outdoors to get clear and decide in what direction you want to move forward.

I suggest you make a map with the four directions, and then you draw or write about your plans and desires for next year. Make sure to weave in gentleness and compassion towards others as yourself.

A crucial question would be: How do I want my life to be a year from know?

I invite you to use your bodily wisdom and dance your vision. Move as in mindful movement practice and bring rhythm and poetry into your movements. Breathe your vision inwards and embody it in your dance.

Magic opens with your awareness of your Body.