21 december, 2020

Astronomical Moments

The wheel of the year

The wheel of the year, represented by an eight-armed sun cross, marks the astronomical moments during the year.


YULE – Winter Solstice

The name is conveying the idea of the year turning like a wheel. Yule marcs the moment when the North Pole is tilted away from the sun and we experience the shortest day and the longest night … In Northern hemisphere.

Time to Pause and appreciate. New beginnings.


IMBOLC- The return of the Light

The Earth is awakening, there is promise of renewal, hidden potential. We take time for purification (fasting) in order to rebirth. A time for inspiration and poetry.


OSTARA- Spring Equinox

A moment of equilibrium where we prepare for and nourish that what wants to emerge. Its an activating time, the beginning of spring. Ostara is Easter, therefor the symbols of childish wonder are used in celebrations, i.e., eggs, rabbits, flowers, and seeds.


BELTANE- Earth & fertility

The union of masculine and feminine forces. We can harvest the wealth from the first seeds planted.


LITHA- Summer Solstice

Midsummer. We celebrate the Sun, the Fire and the energy of Love.


LUGHNASADH- Harvest season

Giving thanks to all that has been given.


MABON- Autumn Equinox

Reflect on the past year and plan for the future.


SAMHAIN- The days of the dead/Halloween

We honor the cycle of Life and Death. The veils are thin, the gates are open. Great magic is possible in this timeslot.