8 september, 2021

A fresh new story

Self-Compassion and Shadow work.

Autumn is here, the birch tree outside my house has yellow loops in her hair, the air is crisp and fresh, misty mornings… And new beginnings.

The upcoming equinox (23.09.21) is calling to let a new story begin, and for this we need to release the old one.

Let it go, let it go. Let the stream of life bring you a fresh new start.

I have been sitting beside the lake where I live for several days now, listening to the waters and the whispering winds. My heart gets filled with joy.

I believe that right now, there is a collective upgrading of our consciousness, people are more aware of themselves, more forgiving of each other.

And above all – I see much more self-compassion and therefore Love streaming out for connection.

If you find yourself struggling, practice gratitude. If it is possible, laugh at the chaos. Everything will be all right.

Yeah, we are all struggeling. Our short-comings are really looking us in the eye right now. You will now this, if you are one of those people that do ”soul-searching”, trying to make a better person of your messy self. And, its okay! We know that when things hit hard there is a growing potential. Just avoid slipping into victimhood or blaming others for the chaos in your life right now.

Be humble, see your own mistakes, and forgive yourself- that is self-compassion. It is giving yourself a big hug of understanding. It is not, hiding in the sofa infront of Netflix with chokolate, although it might look like that occasionally.

So keep being kind to yourself, without loosing your discipline, keep your standards high, be true to your values.

Reach out if you need support in Connecting to your Body Wisdom and Connecting to Nature.

with Love and Devotion,

Anna | Rewild