25 november, 2020

Medicine for the Soul

Why we should be Moving our bodies with Mindfulness


It is all a learning experience, a journey of setting you free, of becoming, embodying your true essence.

What you need to know, is that our body is made of much more than we can see. It is interconnected with the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, that energy is part of our existence. This is the energy, lifeforce, that you want to master.

When you practice energetic movements, such as qigong and yoga, you move the energy, regulate it, balance it. There are so many things to learn about this energy, and the best way to do so, is by practicing.

Movements, postures, meditations and breath-work are having effect on our Energy. Lifeforce, prana, qi…., quantum physicists are researching the matter, or more true -what is beyond matter. This is where the magic begins, the time and space in between, that is filled with energy. When we can manage our energy, we can have health and abundance in many ways.

For a healthy body we need to care for all systems. The physical structure, bones, muscles, our nervous system, the cardio-vascular systems, so essential for our breathing and our heartbeat. Understand what regulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, that controls our fight and flight and freeze response, our stress system. Regulating the lymph system, improves fascia flexibility and hormonal balance. All systems are interconnected within the physical structure, and so also connected to our emotion 

Stretching from core posture, meditation, breathwork, and energetic movements and sounds are great techniques for taking care of your physical body vessel vehicle.

Connecting to your inner knowing by tracking felt sense in the body is a good way of working with stuck energy so that it can be transformed.

First, we need to release that what is in the way for the natural flow. Old patterns in our minds and bodies, they have to be acknowledged and there has to be a shift in awareness.

Movements with breath is the best medicine to release, restore and repattern. It can be uncomfortable but just slowly moving through, listening to the intelligence of your body can be a healing experience. I always encourage my students to follow the intuitive body in their practices.