Anna Christie

  • Anna Christie from Rewild

Let me inspire you.

I am the founder of Rewild Body & Nature. My teachings and services are designed to connect you to the wisdom of your body. This is my passion.

I am a licensed physiotherapist, a movement, yoga and qigong teacher and an ecotherapist.

In my courses you will find a deep authentic container for learning and exploring the healing power of movement, the art of relaxation and how to walk the shaman way of interconnection with nature.

I use tools from a broad perspective of healing modalities.

Connecting to nature and the elements is a part of the metaphysical embodiment.

Science and spiritual work go hand in hand.

I offer you my assistance in creating a holistic lifestyle and in building a personal practice that is aligned with your intention.







Your teachings are warm, powerful and so easy to follow. Your teaching style has also got the depth and the whole body/mind/soul-perspective which I appreciate.

Vera Augusta Ingeborg