Anna Christie

  • Anna Christie from Rewild

Let me inspire you.

I am the founder of Rewild Body & Nature.

I work in service to people from all over the world, assisting embodiment and spiritual unfolding through leading edge techniques. I offer support in integrating body, mind and spirit so that you may embody the nature of your soul and live your life in alignment with your purpose.

I am a physiotherapist and a somatic dance movement teacher.

My teachings and services are designed to connect you to your body and find lasting love and joy within. This is my passion.

To guide you into more self- and body awareness I mix Qigong, Yoga and other Movement practices.The result is a dancing, centering, grounding, aligning personal practice that will keep you connected to your intentions and values.

Connecting to nature and the elements is a part of the metaphysical embodiment. Science and spiritual work go hand in hand.

I have been guiding people for 20 years to more connection to the body through somatic movement, and more understanding and practicality around the energy body. I offer you my assistance in creating a holistic lifestyle and in building a personal practice that is aligned with your purpose.

In Rewild courses you will find a deep authentic container for learning about the inherent wisdom of the body and our natural ways to health and vitality, joy and inner peace.

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Movement with joy, is the key to your unfolding process.

Anna Christie