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I offer consultations that are 30 minutes and 90 minutes (Book in Scheduler)

30 minutes: A short meeting to get clarity on what practice would be your best at the current moment. We will do a short practice together.

A practice might include some breathing and movements with the intention to turn our attention towards our body, our energy, our emotions.  It can be different somatic movement practices like qigong, yoga, meditation, visualization, breathing exercises.

90 minutes: We will have time for a longer practice that  reflect your personal needs right now. I will coach you in yoga or qigong , or I will teach you how to get into restorative poses, show you relaxation and breathing techniques. It is up to you!

When you book an appointment you will be asked what is most important for you, whether it is coming deeper into relaxation or creating more mobility, if it is to find more alignment and centering or tips on building your personal practice.





I am here to support you


    • Build your own practice. Find a strategy that supports you in your life. Combine practices, design your own program, create rituals and routines.
    • Healthy Body. Listening to the Wisdom of the Body. Grounding and Alignment. Self Care and Energy Body Practices.
    • Release the old story. Identify patterns that keep you in fear and resistance. Localize where there is stuck energy and let go of what no longer serves you. Reframe, Recover and Rewild.
    • Elemental Connection, sense and integrate the elements. Connect and source from power animals and guiding spirits. Practices in Nature.

My values are joy, presence and trust.

Anna Christie