Fysiotherapist, Concious Movement Teacher, Be Well in Nature Instructor and coordinator for Rewild Experiences

Prescence. Love. Creativity. Humour. Clarity. Joy. Passion.

I want to inspire you into a healthy lifestyle with more self-love and bodyawareness. My mission is to support you in integrating body and soul for full live life experience and a to find a balance between focused action and rest. Let go of the old patterns, so that you can create new, healthy ways of being and doing.

I take my refuge into the wild nature whenever I need to restore or rebuild my inner core. I healed myself from PTSD trauma and abuse with Mindful Body practises and by Connecting to Nature. I have stumbled across some wonderful trainings that have been helpful in my process, and I am happy to be able to pass them on to others.

I invite you to explore your relationship to yourself, your body and to Nature. 

My concious movement, yoga and qigong classes are designed to awaken your natural urge for curiousity and expansion. 


Our highest wish for everybody, is to be given the opportunity to access their true potential and live a lifetime of Self-Realisation and Co-Creation.


Connect with your Body.

Connect with Nature.



Anna Christie Heed

Hjortnäsvägen 8

793 31 Leksand 



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